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ACD (Anti-Cant Device) Review

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ACD, or Anti-Cant Device, is manufactured and marketed by Mounting Solutions Plus. Mounting Solutions Plus defines “cant” in terms of shooting as,”the result of a rifle being held off the perfect vertical plane in which it was zeroed. Cant results in rotation of the sights off the true vertical plane.” The device, in a nutshell, is a visual indicator of level which is mounted on a riflescope. Physically it is nothing more than a spirit level mounted into a low profile scope ring.

Most of the time, shooters don’t have a problem with cant and can usually visually see it. However, when shooting in field positions on uneven terrain, with a bipod at strange angles, or in high stress shooting situations, cant can be a factor, or the factor, in a miss. Cant has been shown to cause bullets to impact low and either left or right depending on the direction of cant. As shooting distances increase, so will the effects of cant.

I have been nothing but impressed with the quality and the ingenuity of the simple design of the ACD. I prefer this cant ring to others because of its low profile. It doesn’t snag on cases or scabbards and doesn’t stick up high enough to catch and be broken. There are no moving parts and when mounted correctly it would be very difficult to knock from alignment. The ACD is an excellent visual reminder to keep your firearm level.

From a purely cosmetic perspective, the ACD looks nice and I don’t feel like it takes anything away from the traditional look of a scoped rifle.

Due to the ACD design it will probably be necessary to remove your riflescope from your rifle in order to mount it.

The Anti-Cant Device can be mounted on either side of your scope turrets and with the bubble on top or underneath for different viewing angles.

The ACD is made from aircraft grade aluminum and weighs virtually nothing. You’ll never feel the difference in weight.

My only gripe with this device is that it doesn’t come with torx screws. It is a pain having to carry an Allen wrench when everything else on the gun uses torx screws. This could be solved by simply exchanging the existing screws for torx screws, but as yet I haven’t gotten around to doing it.

The ACD is available in black and silver. You can order it to fit almost any scope size. I tested a 1 inch and a 30mm.

The Anti-Cant Device can be purchased from Mounting Solutions Plus and retails for $29.95

Dave Beisner, the inventor of the ACD, is the 1995 International Heavy Gun 1000 Yard Champion and often shoots out past 2000 yards.

The ACD comes with an instruction manual for mounting and includes more information about the affects of cant.

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Won’t work. Put one one my scope can’t see it when looking through your scope. Get the tall one.

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