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Accurate Mags

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5 Round Accurate Mag magazine .308 for DBM

Aftermarket detachable bottom metal for bolt actions has become more and more popular over the last few years. Many different manufactures now make them. The most popular aftermarket DBM (Detachable Bottom Metal)  systems use Accuracy International (AI) magazines. For a long time AI mags were the only ones available to fit your rifle if you had this style of DBM system. AI mags are excellent and reliable magazines, but a little spendy.
BML Tool & Mfg Corporation is a large manufacture of OEM firearms parts and accessories. They make parts and pieces for large gun companies and the military. They own and control Accurate Mag, an OEM magazine manufacturing facility. Accurate Mag is producing state-of-the-art magazines that fit the AI mag footprint. As an interesting side-note, Accurate Mag is the OEM manufacture for the Savage magazines used in the Savage 10 BAS-K, 10 BAT/S-K, and the Savage 110 BA.

The most popular Accurate Mag is the one designed to fit the .308. We tested a 5 rounder and it is tough and reliable. We can wholeheartedly recommend these mags.

The magazines are made from carbon steel and have been heat treated and coated with a proprietary coating that is tough and durable.
Accurate Mag did have a batch of early magazines go out (2008) that had issues with the coating that caused reliability problems. The coating problem has been fixed and Accurate Mags will happily replace any of these early models with this issue.

One advantage of the Accurate Mag (right) over the Accuracy International (AI) magazine (left) is that the Cartridge Overall Length (OAL) can be greater on the Accurate Mag

Accurate Mag taken apart.

Accurate Mag inserted into Bottom Metal.

Accurate Mag 5 round .308

Accurate Mag 5 round .308

Loaded AI mag (left) next to loaded Accurate Mag (right)

AI mag on the left, Accurate Mag on the Right

AI mag on the left, Accurate Mag on the right

The Accurate Mag is available in the following calibers:
.308, 300WSM, .300 WM and .338 LM.
They also make a 10 round mag (not pictured).
Find out more about the Accurate Mag magazines available at

Heres a few DBM manufactures that use AI/Accurate Mag footprint for their bottom metal.
CDI Precision
Badger Ordnance
Surgeon Bottom Metal
AICS kit
Manners MCS-DBM
VBull mag system
Stockade guns

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