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Bell & Carlson Tactical Medalist Rifle Stock Review

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Bell and Carlson Tactical Medalist Stock on Savage Rifle with Sinclair Bipod

Savage rifle wearing a green Bell & Carlson Tactical Medalist Stock. Also Shown: Sinclair Bipod and Nightforce 5.5-22x56 NXS scope

Bell & Carlson has been a respected rifle stock builder for many years. When they introduced their line of Varmint/Tactical Medalist stocks I was excited not only because the stock appeared to have excellent ergonomics but also because the price point was so reasonable. Since its introduction, I’ve had the opportunity to test the Varmint/Tactical Medalist on multiple rifles and actions.

The first thing you should know is that the B&C Tactical Medalist is designed for using from a bipod, off bags, or with a front rest. It still works fine for offhand shooting but the ergonomics really shine prone. It features dual sling swivel studs on the forearm to facilitate easy bipod mounting. The forearm is 2.5 inches wide and flat on the bottom to help it track more consistently on bags or a front rest.

B&C Tactical Medalist Stock Forearm

2 Sling Swivel studs make mounting a bipod easy.

The handgrip is almost vertical and feels great. I’ve had lots of people shoot my rifles and had no one with large or small hands complain about how the  grip felt. I have medium to large hands and love it! The handgrip is what makes the stock work well prone.

The comb is set up to work with a scope and if you keep your scope mounted low to medium in height nothing further is needed for an excellent cheek weld. If you are using a larger objective scope and can’t mount it low, the stock is very easy to place an aftermarket or homemade cheek rest on. You’ll notice a cheekpiece mounted on a B&C Tactical Medalist stock in several pictures. David, one of the writers on this site, made the cheekpiece himself for his 1000 yard F/TR rifle.

Savage Rifles mounted in B&C Tactical Medalist Stocks

The stock has a full aluminum bedding block that runs from the action all the way up the forearm. The sling swivel studs are mounted into the aluminum bedding block. The aluminum running up the forearm is important for a target style stock because it keeps your forearm from pressing against your barrel when using a bipod or front rest.  The forearm is quite rigid.

B&C Tactical Medalist Bedding Block

The aluminum bedding block doesn’t require bedding but it can be done and you may achieve better results. Mine shot 1/2 MOA without bedding it.

I have used the B&C Tactical Medalist on both Savage and Remington Actions. The stocks have fit the actions almost perfectly with out me having to do anything to them. It seems like I may have had to shorten one of the action screws on a Remington 700 long action to make it work with the stock but this is a common issue with any aftermarket stock. Unless you are dealing with a custom action, all rifle manufactures have tolerances that are less than perfect and you may have to do something minor to make up for differences from one rifle to the next.

B&C Tactical Medalist Stock Mounted on Remington 700 LA

B&C Tactical Medalist Stock Mounted on Remington 700 LA

The barrel channel in the B&C Tactical Medalist is wide enough to accommodate the heaviest of barrels and have them free floating.  One of the Savages in the pictures  has a 1.120 barrel without any taper and it free floats all the way down.

The B&C Tactical Medalist stock is a great deal for your money. Similar stocks with similar features cost several hundred dollars more. If you don’t believe me do some internet searches for HS Precision stocks or McMillan stocks.

We paid just a little over $200 for our B&C Tactical Medalist Stocks.

If you have experience with a B&C Tactical Medalist stock please be sure to leave a comment.

This B&C Tactical Medalist is a Savage Short Action model with a blind magazine. With no hardware installed (trigger guard, action screws, internal magazine) the stock weighed 3lbs 4.8 ounces.

This B&C Tactical Medalist was designed for a Savage with a blind magazine. The stocks are available with a cutout for attaching bottom metal.

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Comments (8)

I just purchaced one of these stocks for my Savage 12.
Can anyone recomend a good biepod for this stock?
Like the ones in the pictures.

Clyde, You absolutely can’t go wrong with a Harris S style bipod. One of those is pictured. The other bipod pictured is the Sinclair F Class Bipod. You can read about it here Also, M. Werks makes a more custom bipod that is super

I put a B&C Medalist Weatherby style stock on my 300 Wby Mrk V and the fit is outstanding and I now have a sub moa at 100 yrd. I would recommend B&C to anybody looking for an affordable, well made, drop in, accurate stock.

Thank You B&C
Tactical Minds
Where the mind meets precision.

Got a Remington 700 SPS .204 with a varmint barrel. Other than a Savage AccuStock, I never met a factory synthetis, I liked. The B&C Medalist fills the ticket for a table-top varmint rifle.

The .204 is topped with a 4-14×50 Vortex Viper PST in a DNZ Gamereeper low mount. The objective bell is playing-card thickness from the barre. I’ve got the Harris 8×9 swivel model with the RBA adapter on it. Slightly used, they can both be had for about $110.

I switch to a taller bipod for coyote hunting and the package works as well as table-top.

2 thumbs up for the B&C Medalist. It’s a solid, and heavy stock for those needing one. I LOVE the fact the quality aluminum bedding keeps me from spending money on bedding.

I just want one!


Sweet stock for sure. A little heavy if you like to hunt around with your rifle shouldered. very ridged.

Bell & Carlson stocks are kind of hit and miss. I ordered one for my 700 SPS, the barrle channel was off center. I sent it back to the company I ordered it from and they promptly send me a new one. The second stock I received was top notch and the barrel channel was centered as designed. I can’t say as I’ve had any issues with the second stock. Bell & Carlson are definitely beginner to intermediate but you get what you pay for.

I have this excact stock for my Remington 700 Vtr. And it is awesome. I paid I think it was $269.00. From Stockys stocks. It took about maybe 10 minutes to install. I also put the Wyatts detachable magazine assembly on. And that also took maybe 5 minutes to install. I recommend this stock to anyone that’s looking to upgrade there Rifle to a custom stock. Not only does it work amazing the price is right and it looks super cool

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