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Burris Signature Scope Rings

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Burris Signature Zee Rings 30MM

Pictured: Burris Signature Zee Rings, 30 MM, Medium Height.

Burris Signature rings have a hard synthetic insert that fits inside the ring. They won’t mark your scope and they don’t create stress due to the way they are designed. Burris claims that they have more surface area contact than unlapped standard steel rings and so should grip your scope tighter.
Burris Signature Ring Pos-Align Inserts

The great part about Burris Signature rings is that the inserts, Pos Align Offset Inserts, come in different sizes that allow you to mechanically zero your rifle/scope for both windage and elevation. If you are shooting to longer ranges you can use the Signature rings to make your mechanical zero higher. This effectively gives you more scope adjustment and enables you to shoot longer distances.

Burris Signature Zee Rings

Burris Signature Rings are made out of steel and are high quality rings in every way. We have been using Signature Rings on magnum rifles for years without any issues or problems and we highly recommend them!
My personal favorites are the Burris Signature Zee Rings. They work on Weaver style bases.
Burris Signature Rings Back of PackageBurris Signature Pos Align Offset Inserts Instructions1
Shown Above are the Burris instructions for mounting your rings (Click Image for Larger View)
Burris Signature Zee Rings mounted on a scopeBurris Signature Zee Rings being Weighed
Shown are Burris Signature Zee Rings in 30MM, Medium Height. They weigh 4.0 oz.
Burris Signature Ring Pos Align InsertsBurris-30MM-Signature-Zee-Rings
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Hello and good morning

Does this compensation – Kit for the 30mm version of the Burris Signature Zee XtraHigh? I need each 2×10 and 2×20 for the 30mm version

Sorry to my bad English, I have the Google translator familiar 😉

Friendly greetings from Germany


I’m not sure I understand your question. The 30MM rings come with .010 offsets. You can use them on just the front OR rear rings. Or use on the front AND rear rings for twice as much adjustment.

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