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Lapua Palma .308 Win – Small Primer Pocket

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While I was at the 2010 SHOT Show, I had the oppurtunity to stop at the Lapua booth. We discussed a few different things but the most interesting was the introduction of a new .308 match case called the Lapua Palma .308 Win.  The new case is identical to Lapua’s .308 match brass except for the primer pocket. The primer pocket in the Lapua .308 Palma will be a small rifle primer pocket. Lapua told me that during testing they were able to get Extreme Spreads (ES) much lower than with cases that had the large rifle primer pocket.

Lapua .308 Palm Brass

LEFT: Lapua .308 Win. Match Case RIGHT: Lapua Palma .308 Win. The flash hole is considerably smaller and will require a smaller decapping pin.

The cases are being manufactured as competition brass, specifically targeted towards  Palma shooters. It should also be great brass for shooting  F/TR.

Lapua made it clear several times that this brass shouldn’t be used for hunting or tactical situations as they had experienced issues with ignition in cold weather.

The small primer pocket will require changing your decapping pin to a smaller size. The flash hole is substantially smaller.

If you’ve used the new Lapua .308 Palma Brass, be sure to leave a comment and tell us how you liked it.

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