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M. Werks, LLC F/TR Bipod Review

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The first time I spoke with Jeff at M. Werks, LLC  I called to ask him about his bipod conversion that worked with a Versa Pod mount. He told me that he was no longer producing it. I was disappointed. The options for F/TR style bipods are limited and if you have a budget, even more limited.  We agreed while talking that there was potential demand for a good F/TR style bipod.  A few weeks after our talk Jeff called me and told me he was working on a complete bipod system.  That was the begining of  the M. Werks F/TR Bipod.

I have one of the first prototype models that Jeff built.  The quality is superb and is exactly what you would expect from a skilled machinist that shoots and gunsmiths benchrest quality rifles. There are no plastic parts. The entire bipod, except for a few hardened bolts and pins, is made of machined aluminum.

My favorite feature about the bipod is the ease of getting it on and off.  Once the base is mounted to your forearm you can mount or dismount the bipod in seconds.

This photo shows the bipod base that can be left on the forearm of your rifle. If the base is already attached, the bipod can be mounted or dismounted in seconds with one hand.

The bipod base itself is simple to mount but can take a minute to install the first time.

The arrow points to a hardened steel pin that goes through the sling swivel stud on the gun. Tightening the knob directly below the pin tightens the entire assembly.

This image shows the bipod base broken down to be mounted. The arrow shows the pin already installed in the sling swivel stud.

The shaft on the base (upper left) goes through the hole on the bipod. The aluminum knob (right) tightens the bipod down to the base and controls cant adjustment.

The bipod lacks nothing in the adjust-ability department. The base can be controlled for cant and the legs are separately adjustable for height and cant.  The feet articulate to make the most of uneven surfaces and help the bipod track extremely well.

The feet on the bipod articulate in both directions to aid in shooting on uneven surfaces.

This photo is a shooters view from behind the rilfe. The knurled knob on the left controls cant.

The bottom line is that the bipod works great. It makes being consistent easier because you can’t “load the bipod” like you can on a Harris style bipod. I have less point of impact changes from day to day and less point of impact changes due to the way I hold the gun.

In testing the bipod, I’ve used it in several different scenarios including  a local 1000 yard F/TR match,  ground squirrel hunting, load development, and on magnum caliber rifles. The bipod met or exceeded expectations everywhere I’ve used it.

The bipod pictured weighs 2lbs 4ounces and Jeff tells me that it can be lightened +/- one pound for guns that need to make weight without affecting  strength.

The bipod is 12 inches wide but can be widened several inches by moving the feet to the outside.  Currently, the bipods are handmade one at a time. I’m sure for a few dollars more Jeff would happily build to your specifications. I didn’t measure for total up/down adjustment but there is plenty of adjustment for shooting prone in both directions.

There is also a rail mount available (picture coming soon).

The bipod costs about $180.

Contact Jeff at M. Werks, LLC to order one. (231) 735-1770

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Comments (7)

Excellent F tr bipod. I have been using the first Versa spud model for a few years. I also have one of the above latest models. Excellent product.
Bob Lorenz

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

I didnt want to spring for a sinclare and it looks a little too bulky as well, so I picked up the rail mounted MWerks model. It is very sturdy, very well made bipod. I love it. It is also very easy to dismount from the spigot for moves to the next yard line.

Is it illegal in F/TR to have a bipod with elevation adjustability.

I’ve always envisioned a small worm gear (I’ve found several that would do on the web) with a flexible rod running back to the shooters left hand (right if shooter is left-handed).

Or, dual, individually adjustable, worm gears turning screws in each leg and the center mount fixed. Cant would be controlled by the individually adjustable legs.

Anyone seen anything like that?

What you are talking about would be legal as long as it made weight. If you come up something that works please let us know. This is the only one I have seen

I have one I use for .22 BR and indoor prone on a very heavy H&R M12. It works great for both.

Jeff has an updated F tr bipod that has in my opinion an improved attachment system of the bipod to the bipod mount on the rifle.

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