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Lee Bulge Buster

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The LEE Bulge Buster kit comes with a catch container, extension sleeve, and push through punch.

If you reload range brass, buy once fired brass to reload, or reload your own brass that gets mixed up with other peoples brass at the range, you should be aware of what the Lee Bulge Buster can do for you.To understand the genius of Lee Precision you first need to have at least a basic understanding of the problem. The problem is that not all semi auto pistol chamberings are the same. Many popular brands of pistols have unsupported or semi-unsupported chambers to help them be more reliable. The brass shot from these guns tends to “bulge” near the bottom of the case due to the fact that they are unsupported. Some refer to this as a “Glocked” case but it happens in many of the popular semi autos manufactured today in different degrees. Most sizing dies won’t remove the bulge or size the case enough to fit in a tighter chambered gun. If you are shooting a loose or semi-unsupported chamber you may never experience a problem and may not want to overwork the brass to get it back in spec. If you shoot a tighter chambered pistol and use mixed or range brass then you will likely see issues. The problem begins when you accidentally pick up your buddies brass, buy once fired brass, or pick up range brass and reload it without addressing the bulge. The most common problems are tight chambering, cartridge not seating in your gun, slide not closing, jamming, or sticking in the chamber after it’s been fired.

The cartridge on the left has a slight bulge from being fired from an unsupported chamber. It hasn't been sized or decapped. The piece on the right has been through the Lee Bulge Buster and is almost perfectly straight.

Luckily, Lee has an easy, inexpensive solution for handloaders that might encounter brass that doesn’t “size” with conventional dies. The Lee Bulge Buster is simple and easy to use and understand. The kit comes with a catch container, extension sleeve, and push through punch. The kit works with most brands of presses. The Lee Bulge Buster requires that you have a Lee Factory Crimp die for the caliber you’ll be working with. All Lee Deluxe Pistol Die Sets come with the Factory Crimp Die or you can order it separately. I recommend the Lee Deluxe Pistol Die sets to all who reload. I think they are a great set of dies.

Lee Deluxe Carbide Pistol dies are some of the best dies available and are also some of the most reasonably priced. All of the deluxe die sets include a shell holder and the Lee Factory Crimp Die. The Factory Crimp die allows you to crimp in a separate step and also post sizes your loaded cartridge for ultimate reliability.

In a nutshell, the kit pushes your brass all the way through the Lee Factory Crimp Die, removing the bulge and putting the brass back to factory specs. The Catch Container captures the brass on top of your press. You can push your brass through as quickly as you can work the handle on your press. The kit comes with excellent instructions.

The Lee Bulge Buster doesn’t require that you use a Lee press. Almost any brand of press will work.

MidwayUSA sells the kit for about $16

Visit Lee Precision

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