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Warne RAMP (Rapid Acquisition Multi-Sight Platform) AR-15 Mount Review

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Warne RAMP (Rapid Acquisition Multi-Sight Platform) is one of the best AR style scope mounting systems available. Not only does the RAMP provide rings that are the perfect height for mounting a telescopic optic but it provides 45° mounting options for mini red dots or reflex optics on either side.

The bottom half of the rings are CNC machined from the same piece of aluminum that the base is machined from and are perfectly in spec with one another so that no lapping is required. The top half of the rings are also held to the same tolerances. The screws that secure the top half of the ring to the bottom half are steel Torx screws. The Torx screws screw into steel sleeves embedded in the bottom half of the rings. The steel sleeves embedded in the aluminum body give strength and helps prevent the screws from stripping out. This mount should be able to handle the toughest situations on the planet. Its my belief that if you could damage the Warne RAMP you’d also be buying a new scope no matter who the manufacture was.  This is a well thought out and well built system.

The base is setup to allow for a variable power scope to be set far enough ahead on an AR to provide proper eye relief.  The front ring hangs out over the front of the receiver 1.75 inches. The base fits Picatinny spec rails. The base is held to the mounting system by steel hardware that is tightened with ½ inch steel hex nuts that are contained to prevent loss.

The base also has two Picatinny mounting rails that attach to the rear end of the base on both sides. The rails are unique because they are set at a 45° angle for mounting a reflex or mini red dot sight in addition to the variable power scope. You could mount 3 sights all at once on this mount.

Many 3 gunners are moving this direction with their setup. They have a variable power scope setup for 100 yards and beyond and a reflex sight for close range fast targets. To switch from one sight to the other simply cant the firearm a few degrees and you naturally are looking through your secondary sight. Right handed shooters will find that it’s more natural to mount the secondary on the right side of the gun and left-handed shooters will find the opposite to be true.

Coyote hunters, competitive shooters,  swat teams, and the military should all be able to find applications for this mounting platform.

If you are only interested in mounting a variable scope and don’t want the secondary 45° mounts, Warne thought of you, as both 45° mounts can be removed.

The fit and finish on the RAMP is impeccable. The entire mount is matte black. The aluminum is hardcoat anodized and the steel hardware has a magnesium phosphate finish. Mounted up the rings fit well and assuming proper mounting show very little gap. The base is solid and fits the way a high quality mount would be expected to.

This is a high end, trust your life to it,  well thought out and engineered, mounting system that is lightweight, yet very strong. If you need the best don’t overlook the Warne RAMP.

The entire system is 7.125 inches long and weighed 9.6 ounces.
Available for 1 inch and 30mm scopes.

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