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Alliant Power Pro 2000-MR

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Alliants new Power Pro 2000 MR gunpowder. Also, shown are Wolf Primers and Hornady 30 cal 178g Amax's

Alliant’s New Power Pro 2000 MR. Could this take the 308 to the next level?

There has been a lot of talk lately about a new powder designed for 308 sized cases that Alliant has come out with. It is Power Pro 2000 MR. The MR designation standing for medium rifle. The buzz about this powder has stemmed from Alliant posting some load data on their website for this powder in the 308 Winchester with 180 grain bullets.

The data from their website shows 48.5 grains of Power Pro 2000 pushing a 180 grain Federal Fusion bullet at 2760 fps out of a 24 inch barrel. Anyone that is familiar with 308 ballistics knows this is about 160 fps faster than traditional 180 grain bullet loads for a 308. Alliant claims this powder will propel bullets out of a 308 at about 150 to 200 fps faster than traditional 308 velocities. They claim this powder will allow the hand loader to obtain velocities that in the past were only obtainable with factory loaded hyper velocity ammunition and still stay within SAMMI maximum pressure limits.

I finally got my hands on some to try out a few days ago. I wanted to see if the claims were real. I loaded up some ammo with this powder and a 178 grain Hornady A-Max bullet. The cases used were Federal cases with Wolf Russian primers for ignition. I loaded up a small sample to see where maximum pressure and velocity would be. Three were loaded with 47.5 grains of powder, three with 48.0 grains of powder, and three with 48.5 grains of powder; which is the maximum charge for a 180 grain bullet shown in Alliant’s loading data.

At the range I tested the loads over a chronograph and shot some groups. The test rifle was a Savage Model 12 F/TR with a 30 inch barrel. You should keep in mind the barrel length because the velocity I am about to report is not obtainable with shorter barrels.

The velocities were as follows:

Federal brass with Wolf Large Rifle Primers and an OAL of 2.830”

47.5 grains 2891 fps

48.0 grains 2944 fps

48.5 grains 2963 fps

This group was shot with 48.5 grains of Alliants Power Pro 2000 MR. The velocity was 2963 from a 30 inch barreled .308 Win. This load shot exceptionally well putting 3 Hornady 178g Amax's into one hole at 100 yards.

For a comparison I also chronographed my standard maximum load with Varget and 178 grain A-Maxes. This load went 2804 fps. The 48.5 grain load of Power Pro 2000 showed about the same amount of pressure and was going 160 fps faster. I figure my 30 inch barrel adds about 180 fps over a 24 inch barrel so my results correlate very closely with Alliants data.

This powder seems to be amazing. My last three shot group with the 48.5 grain load was just a ragged hole. I still need to do more testing on consistency and temperature sensitivity and will keep you posted on my findings. As of now I have obtained velocities that are essentially the same as factory advertised velocities for the 300 Winchester Magnum out a 30 inch barreled .308 Winchester.

This group was shot with 47.5 grains of Alliants Power Pro 2000 MR. The velocity was 2891 from a 30 inch barreled .308 Win

This group was shot with 48.0 grains of Alliants Power Pro 2000 MR. The velocity was 2944 from a 30 inch barreled .308 Win

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Comments (3)

This is interesting information, have you shot any groups at 300 to 800 yards yet? Have you used any other bullets? 168 or 175 SMK, any scenars?

I started out with Alliant powders (Hercules) and am glad they are progressing with their powders!

got 2# of this powder and shot groups and chro’d about 200 rds in my 13 twist-26″ 308 savage LRPV with hart barrel–sierra 155 #2156 with 52 gr 2000MR–speed was 3040 fps–4″- 5 shot groups @800 yds shot twice on 2 different days–before that, i used 43 grs IMR8208 @2940 fps–5″ groups @ 800 yds !!!!

I run this powder with 155 scenars in my .308 with an Obmeyer barrel. The bore on this barrel is very tight, so my load numbers are much lower than what max is in the book. I run 48.8gr charge on federal match primers in Hornady brass seated to 2.850″ and obtain 3100fps from a 25.5″ barrel. At 300 durring my last load testing, this load put a 4 shot group of 1.4″. Best part is how flat this load shoots. I shoot 3.4 mil to 600 yards

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