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Chiappa Rhino Revolver – SHOT Show Media Day 2011

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Revolutionary is the only word I can think of to describe the Chiappa Rhino. It’s the only revolver I’ve wanted to buy for a long time and I like and own revolvers. The Rhino departs from the traditional revolver in that it shoots from the bottom cylinder instead of the top like we are used to seeing. For as large as it looks, its extremely lightweight and not all that thick. The cylinder is machined flat to keep the gun as narrow as possible. Even the 2″ barreled gun was an absolute pleasure to shoot with full power .357 Magnum loads. The barrel is much lower and so just pushes straight back into your hand. Almost no muzzle flip. The trigger is super for a double action revolver and it still maintains the ability to cock the hammer for an even better trigger pull. I would hate to guess how many pounds the double action trigger was but it felt short and was very smooth. I really hope Chiappa introduces some new calibers like .41 mag or .44 mag.

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