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AmeriGlo/Defoor Tactical Glock Sights Review

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I recently installed a set of AmeriGlo/Defoor Tactical sights on my Glock 34 and I believe that they are the best upgrade I’ve made to my gun. I shoot the stock Glock sights fine, I shoot the AmeriGlo sights better.

The improvement comes, for me at least, in that the front sight is narrower and the rear sight is slightly wider. I find that I can more quickly center the front post if I can see daylight on either side.  I suppose that you could also describe the sights as less course allowing for more precision.

AmeriGlo Sights on the Left and Glock Sights on the right. The daylight on either side of the front post aids in precision and speed.

My offhand groups immediately shrunk almost an inch after installing. My scores also went up at the USPSA matches.

This group was shot offhand with a Glock 34 at 18 yards using AmeriGlo Defoor Tactical sights.

The AmeriGlo Defoor Tactical sights are the same height as a set of stock Glock sights. Point of impact should be identical. The other nice thing about this is that you won’t have to worry about getting a holster with a deep front sight channel.

The installation could be difficult if you don’t have a high quality rear sight installation tool as the rear sight is a tight press fit. However, if you call AmeriGlo they can send you a rear sight that has a set screw in the center of it that is very simple and easy to install and doesn’t require a rear sight tool. Just tap it in, loctite the set screw, and your good to go.

The front sight is a piece of cake to install and AmeriGlo even gives you a front sight installation tool.

The AmeriGlo sights came with a front sight tool for installing the front sight on a Glock.

The sights I installed have a .115 wide serrated front site and the back site has a .150 rear notch. AmeriGlo offers different configurations including fiber optic fronts.

The sights are machined from American Barstock Steel and should hold up better than the plastic sights provided by Glock.

AmeriGlo is an American company that has excellent customer service. They also have sights for rifles and shotguns. The best part about AmeriGlo is that they are extremely affordable. Watch their site as they often offer great deals in the form of sales and discount codes.

At the time I bought my Glock sights they were $48 for the set.

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