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SWSA Glock Dry Fire Kit Review

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I recently tried a Glock Dry fire Trigger from Southwest Shooting Authority (SWSA). I have wondered for some time how effective the dry fire trigger is and whether it resembled a real Glock Trigger.  I’m happy to report, It does.

I think the trigger is effective and has helped me strengthen my finger and improved my speed on double and triple taps. It’s also really nice not having to rack the slide between pulling the trigger.  Transitions have also improved since I no longer have to rack to transition.  I think the trigger is worth purchasing and should I lose it would purchase again.

Does the trigger feel exactly like a Glock trigger? Absolutely not. It does, however, feel close. Even close enough that the differences don’t really matter. If you are expecting the dry fire trigger kit to feel exactly like your Glock trigger then you will be disappointed.  The trigger is manufactured from stock Glock trigger parts that have been altered to reset as well as work without activating the striker for safety purposes. The trigger has a similar pull weight to a stock Glock and then a release or break that resembles the striker being released. The actual break isn’t as strong but still allows you to see where your sights are when it does break. It doesn’t feel quite the same but for practice purposes is good enough. The trigger also has a very positive reset for those that like practicing shooting from the trigger reset position.

If you look on the internet you will find all kinds of suggestions for putting a piece of cardboard or cardstock in the ejection port of your Glock for the purpose of dry firing without resetting your trigger.  While your trigger resets. It also never breaks and feels nothing like a real trigger pull. Compared to that, the SWSA trigger feels marvelous.

Can you make it yourself? It’s possible. It’s made out of Glock trigger parts. However, by the time you buy Glock trigger parts and alter them you’ll have probably spent more than what you could have just bought the trigger for all tuned up and working from SWSA.

The SWSA trigger adds an element of safety to your dry fire practicing since it doesn’t activate the striker.  The trigger also has a large red dot on both sides of the trigger so you can easily see that your dry fire kit is installed. If nothing else it gives my wife some confidence that I’m not going to put a hole through our TV.

The trigger can be removed or installed in less than a minute by an experienced Glock shooter. If you are less experienced it might take 3-5 minutes but is truly not difficult to install or remove. The only tool required is a single punch. The trigger replaces the entire trigger assembly.

The other great thing about buying this trigger is that the inventor and manufacturer, Cope, is a great guy who will stand behind the product. He explained to me that every single dry fire trigger is tested by two different people in a real gun before being packaged for shipping.

You can buy the trigger directly from SWSA or from Dillon Precision for $54.95

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Good news! The Glock Dry Practice Kit has been back in full production for nearly 2 years AND it has been redesigned to allow different trigger pull weights!

We have been very busy filling orders for Special ops groups out of Bragg and Benning but are getting out civilian orders just as quickly as we can!

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