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Shoot-Long – Extra Long Rifle Case

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A fellow long-range shooter, hunter, and friend of mine got tired of buying cheap foreign accessories for his long-range equipment. He couldn’t find exactly what he wanted and assumed that there were others also looking for good quality long-range gear. True to the American spirit of ingenuity and entrepreneurship, he decided to have his  ideas manufactured. He designed exactly what he would have liked to have been able to buy.

Any of us that have done much long-range shooting know that longer barrels are better…that is until it’s time to put them in a case or in your safe. Then they become a huge pain. It’s not easy to find a good quality case that will fit a 30 inch barrel and a 56mm optic and protect them well while still maintaining some portability.

Brian designed a case with excellent zippers, over 1.5 inches of foam in each panel, and enough size to fit up to a 55” rifle inside.  There’s also a pocket on the side that will easily hold a sling, bipod, rangefinder, binoculars, or ammo.

The rifle shown has a 28' barrel and lots of room to spare. The case will also unzip flat so you can use it as a shooting mat in a pinch.

As you can tell by the dirt on the case in the pictures I have done the “use” test to this case and have to say that I really like it. I can leave my suppressor on my rifle and still case it. I actually had the barrel of my rifle cut down because a 27 inch barrel and an 8 inch suppressor just ended up being too long. Now I can leave the suppressor attached and ready to shoot while protecting my suppressor and optics inside a case.

The case is designed to handle rifles with up to a 32” barrel with a brake and is made in the USA.

The case is currently on sale for $89

Complete Specs can be found on the manufacture’s website.


If you look closely you can see the zippers. They are Large and easy to get hold of in a hurry!

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