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Cameron’s Custom Gun, Model 2011 Limited Review

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Cameron’s Custom Guns is owned by a group of  shooters who have built high-end custom 1911 and 2011 handguns for over 20 years. They have perfected the art of the 2011. Not only are they shooters, they are high level competitors, most of whom have achieved the rank of Master or Grand Master. They know how a gun should be built and how to shoot it. Because Cameron’s Custom Guns was a sponsor for the MGM Targets Grand Nationals, it seemed appropriate to shoot one of their guns in the match. 

Cameron’s  shipped the gun to me about two weeks before the match so I would have time to familiarize myself with the gun and work up a load for it. Due to the fact that they make custom guns, they didn’t actually have an extra gun sitting around for me to use. They sent me one of their personal Limited 2011 Cameron’s Custom guns in 40 S&W.

The gun was built on an STI frame and slide but was completely custom. The slide and frame had both been lightened and the gun balanced like a dream. The frame-to-slide fit was tight with no play but was extremely smooth; not friction tight. The fit and finish on the gun was impressive. The machine work on the slide was perfect with lots of detail and crisp, precise lines. Words and pictures do not give justice to the fit and finish; it is something to be experienced in person.

Working up a load for the gun was easy because it ate everything I fed it. I ended up shooting 180g jacketed bullets loaded long. 2011 40’s  tend to like ammo loaded longer than factory OAL.  This one didn’t seem to care, but I loaded long anyway for increased reliability and for reduced pressures. My OAL ended up being 1.221.

The Schuemann barrel in the gun had perfect lockup and it shot better than any handgun I’ve ever shot. Without trying, I shot several one hole groups offhand at 20 yards while working up the load.

Accuracy was aided by an excellent trigger that you would have to feel to believe.

Cameron’s had machined a double undercut into the trigger guard that aided in obtaining a slightly higher grip on the gun. They sold me on the double undercut.

By shooting some local matches, the FNH challenge, side matches, the Grand Nationals, and my own plinking, I put close to 4000 rounds through the gun in just a few weeks time. I am happy to report that I didn’t have a single malfunction in the gun the entire time.  As embarrassing as it is to admit, especially to the guys at Cameron’s, I didn’t clean their gun a single time during that use. However, I did keep it lubricated.

Shooting the gun was a pleasure. Recoil was easy to manage and due to the exceptional balance of the gun, it just seemed to settle right back on target after each shot.

The magwell was huge! It made reloading so much easier. I won’t make analogies, so just take my word, it was easy. 

Having to send the gun back to Cameron’s was indeed a sad day. My own production guns don’t measure up to the high standard I grew to love in the Cameron’s gun.  I’m now saving my pennies for the happy day when I can call Cameron’s and order a custom gun. I also want to give kudos to Cameron’s for being involved and sponsoring matches. If it weren’t for great companies like this who sponsor matches, the competition/match scene wouldn’t be possible. Next time you are in the market for a new gun, you should strongly consider Cameron’s Custom as these guns are truly the best of the best.


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