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Center of Mass (COM) Holster Review

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While shooting the MGM Grand Nationals I used a handmade Center of Mass (COM) kydex holster and mag pouches. The model of holster I tried is both dropped and offset for crazy fast draws. Additionally, the holster is cut extremely low in the front to aid in clearing the gun even faster.

While “race holsters” are fast, they make me nervous because of how easy it is for the gun to fall out. Having your gun come out of or “off of” your holster is not safe and it really sucks being DQ’d. I decided a long time ago that the extra 10ths of a second I would shave off using a smaller faster holster wouldn’t justify leaving matches early. The COM holster made me reconsider race holsters and I’m sold, at least on this model.

This holster has fabulous retention: I have run, crawled, bounced, and intentionally tried to get the gun to fall out of the holster but to no avail. The holster also has a unique finger adjustable tension knob right on the side of the holster that will allow you to set proper tension without tools. This holster is 3 gun safe. Even with the gun tensioned tight, it still comes out blazing fast. A look at the front of the holster clearly shows that you only need to clear about 1.5  inches of kydex before the guns clears.

The holster model shown in the pictures is fully adjustable for drop and cant in either direction. The offset is 2 inches.  The holster comes with a belt loop but has holes pre-drilled for the Safariland ELS , Tek-Lok, or just about anything else you can think of for mounting to a belt.

If you are in the market for a Kydex holster for shooting USPSA, 3 Gun or just like fast holsters, this one is tough to beat when you consider the features; the speed of a race holster, the retention of a full body holster. This same holster comes with the option of having the ejection port on the holster higher for production and single stack USPSA classes.

Rick at COM also makes holsters specifically for concealed carry and he has something that will fit just about every model of gun you could possibly want to carry along with holsters that are legal for IDPA.

Many of the companies making gun stuff don’t have real shooters designing their products and the products are manufactured outside of the USA. Rick (the owner), the guy that makes the holsters at COM, is a great guy and a shooter. When you buy a holster from Rick you keep your money in the USA and you help a guy that you might shoot on the same squad with at the next USPSA, IDPA, or 3 Gun match.

Because COM makes their holsters by hand, you have the ability to ask Rick to make you something special. When I toured his workshop he had some wild colored kydex holsters he was working on as custom orders.  The magpouches shown below are a good example of the kind of custom stuff Rick can do if you ask.

The model of holster I tried retails for approximately $65

Check out to see models available. 

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Comments (2)

Your holster as shown at the MGM Grand National is exactly what I want. my DOH points to my thigh and feet. I use a pair of gloves for target set up and wedge it under the DOH for safety. Your DOH with a block is perfect. Can you give me the stock no. to order it. I looked at your on line catalog and did not find a sample. If I called you, how do I know what I am ordering? I did see a sample in your pictures of colored holsters. will the holster fit a cz TS ( large Frame ) ? Thank you Hubert

It’s not my holster. It’s Rick at Center of Mass that you need to talk to. I just wrote the review on using it. Rick will be able to tell you exactly the models he can make and anything else you might need to know.

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