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JP Enterprises – New AR Innovation – JPSCS

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View the Video of John Paul talking about the new JPSCS below

Just when I’m convinced that innovation in the world of AR’s is cosmetic or limited to new finishes, JP Enterprises invents something revolutionary. I haven’t had a chance to test it yet but JP’s new JPSCS (Silent Captured Action Spring) is on my short list of things from the 2012 SHOT Show to try. John Paul tells me the silent action spring gets rid of all the mechanical feeling of the bolt moving in an AR. He described it as similar to shooting a bolt-action. JP rifles with the Low Mass Bolt and Buffer system are already pretty amazing. In fact, it’s  hard to believe that they could get any better; however, this JPSCS is not only supposed to improve on how  a mil spec bolt carrier system feels, but it is also supposed to improve on the old JP low mass buffer and tuned spring system all without giving up any reliability.  The JPSCS system will be available for .308 size AR’s as well as the traditional 556 AR and will work in both carbine and rifle length stocks. Check back for a complete review.


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