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Mossberg 930 JM Pro Series Tactical Shotgun

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One of the most exciting things announced at the 2012 SHOT Show was Mossberg’s new 930 Jerry Miculek Pro Series Tactical Shotgun. It comes out of the box ready to shoot competitive 3 gun. To be completely accurate Mossberg announced 3 new 930 models: a 22 inch 8 + 1 JM Pro Series, a 24 inch 9+1 JM Pro Series , and the 26 inch 12+1 Patrick Flanigan Pro Series.

All of the new Pro Series guns have the following features that make them an excellent option for competitive or tactical shooting:

  • Chromed Gas System
  • Chromed Hammer & Sear
  • Overtravel Adjustment Screw (Not available on the Patrick Flanigan).
  • Tactical Bolt handle
  • Oversize Bolt Release Button
  • Oversize Ambidextrous Thumb safety
  • Fiber optic front sight (drilled and tapped so it can be replaced with one of your own choosing).
  • Vent Rib
  • Forearm is moved back away from the loading port
  • Oversize loading port (already opened up for fast loading).
  • 4lb stock trigger
  • Cocking Indicator
  • The Patrick Flanigan is ported
  • Nordic Components Mag Tube & Clamp
  • Comes with 3 chokes
  • MSRP $710
Initial Impressions:  Trigger felt nice, the shotgun threw up and balanced well, liked the thumb safety, the quality of the gun seemed excellent.  Wished the gun had a rear sight and  noticed the trigger group pins were not as tight as we would have liked. Overall the guns a winner and we’ll be doing a complete review as soon as it  becomes available.
We got to see Patrick Flanigan shoot his  Signature Series 930 at the 3 Gun Nation shootoff and it is a fast shotgun. Unfortunately, we didn’t get his fastest string recorded but this video shows the potential of the gun.

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Comments (5)

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Will us 930 owners get to purchase some of these various upgrade parts to install on our firearms? i.e. over-sized bolt release, forearm, choke ready barrels?

Some of the accessories you mentioned are available now. Just not from Mossberg. Most of Mossberg’s 930’s come with choke ready barrels.

[…] to go right out of the box. I went with a Mossberg 930 because I have one and love it (and hey, if it’s good enough for Jerry, it’s good enough for me) and a P07 for the pistol because I like CZ’s. However, $500 […]

As if anyone didn’t know you need ain improved cylinder to shoot steel shot. I have a 930 and love it, but it’s a bitch to get the right parts for putting a strap on. I have had problems with mine.

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