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Shotgun Dummies for Shotgun Loading Practice

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With 3 Gun season quickly approaching it is time to start practicing loading the shotgun. During a match, shotguns can be unloaded as fast as you can pull the trigger but loading them is a one shell at a time process. Practicing your loading technique can make a big difference in your overall time and score. Remington is now making Dummy Shotgun Shells that are to factory spec and have real shot in them so they feel the same as loading a live round. However, they do not have live primers or powder.

Additionally, the shells are marked clearly in large letters that they are dummy rounds. So far I’ve been impressed with the quality of the shells, in fact, they might be better than what I actually shoot. 

You can purchase these from Brownells in a 25 round box or 5 at a time. The 25 round box is $25.00 and 5 rounds are $7.99.

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