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Muzzle Brakes and More – Muzzle Brake Review

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I recently found some muzzle brakes built in Boise, Idaho that are truly fantastic.  I ordered two. The first one went with me hunting on my self-configured Savage 7 WSM.  The muzzle brake works so well that I don’t lose sight picture through the scope even when I place my weak hand back under the butt stock of the gun.

In fact while hunting I shot a mule deer at just under 500yards, sitting, right before dark and watched the bullet hit the deer, watched the deer go down, and then worked the bolt for a follow up shot I didn’t need, all without losing sight picture through the scope. While the 7 WSM isn’t famous for being a hard kicking rifle, it kicks hard enough to make it impossible to keep sight picture without using a muzzle brake. I’m shooting 168g Bergers going over 3000 fps.   The second brake is for a competition AR-10 and It’s large because weight doesn’t matter and performance does. I haven’t had a chance to test it yet but I will post a video when I do.

The muzzle brakes are machined from stainless steel. The threading and alignment on mine were perfect. The muzzle brakes are meant to be indexed and blended into the barrel by a gunsmith with a lathe and so they are not finish polished. However, I’m cheap and didn’t care if the brake diameter was larger than my barrel (I know it’s ugly). I also was able to use some extremely thin washers to index the brake on my gun. I considered using a 5/8 split washer as well as a 5/8 crush washer from Brownells to index but didn’t end up needing to. I want to have the option of pulling the muzzle brake off and replacing with a suppressor.  Nathan who owns Muzzle Brakes and More, was kind enough to open the brakes up for me to work on my .284 caliber rifles. The pricing on these brakes is extremely reasonable and there are several options available. When I complete my long-range .338 build I will be putting one of these brakes on it.   You can find them at


Muzzle Brakes and More 5 Port Brake


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