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Brass Butter – Case Lube Review

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20160325_131521Most reloaders know that you don’t need to use case lube on straight wall pistol cases if you are using carbide dies (most straight wall pistol dies are carbide). However, if you do use it, you’ll find that it’s easier on the dies, the case, the press, the operator, and that your cases might size more consistently. I like using case lube on pistol cases for the ease of reloading but don’t like having it on the cartridges afterwards as it can be sticky and collect dirt.

Recently, I started using a new product made locally in Idaho called Brass Butter.  It makes a noticeable difference in ease of sizing and expanding the case mouth. It doesn’t cause as much strain on the press and the entire setup (progressive press) moves less.  I feel like it helps make the entire process, including the powder charge, more consistent.

I spray it on the cases while they’re in the case feeder. I don’t put very much on and I let it sit for about 2 minutes to dry. I stir it once. The cases don’t feel sticky and I’ve seen no need to tumble to remove the residue.  The website advertises the product as “a commercial grade case lube.”  I haven’t yet tried it on rifle cases but can’t see any reason it shouldn’t work.   It’s currently $9.99 per bottle and it seems to go farther (use less) than Hornady One Shot.

Let me know what you think if you try it.

Find the product here on the Brass Guys website


 ***In the spirit of full disclosure, readers should understand that I am a sponsored 3 gun competitor. However, I’m not sponsored by the company that made the product being reviewed, leaving me free to give you my unbiased opinion.  I am not being paid for the reviews I’ve written.

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