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SnipePod Bipod Review

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A good bipod can extend the effective range of almost any shooter.  For lightweight hunting, the SnipePod has no equal that I am aware of and I’ve tried just about every bipod made for hunting. The reason its superior is because of its ability to be rapidly deployed, its weight, lack of bulk, versatility, and its minimal impact on zero.


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My 2011 F-Class Long Range Season Update

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It has been a very busy summer for me shooting long-range F-Class. I shoot F-TR (1000 yards with a bipod) with a Savage F-TR rifle in 308 Winchester. My big wins were the Idaho State Match and the NRA Northwest Regional Match in Missoula, MT. Below are a few thoughts regarding lessons learned during this season of shooting.

Bipod Thoughts

The season started out pretty rough. The first match I forgot my good bipod and had to use a Harris 9-13 inch non swivel bipod. My wife brought my MC Werks bipod after I had shot the first relay. This experience

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Reduced 308 Cast Bullet Loads for Long Range Practice

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In the early 1900’s it was common to do a lot of what was referred to as Gallery Practice. This is shooting on a short range, usually indoors, with reduced loads out of the exact same rifle that is going to be shot at long range. Townsend Whelen who was captain of the US Army Infantry Rifle Team during this same time period talks about this type of practice in a pamphlet he wrote for the military called Suggestions to Military Rifleman. These loads were often loaded with cast bullets and fast pistol powder. The range they were shot at was generally 50 yards.

To practice I use a light cast bullet load with 13 grains of 2400 in a 308 case and a bullet cast out of a Lee 173 grain mold. Commercial Cast bullets such as those from The Oregon Trail Bullet Company can also be used if the shooter doesn’t have the means to cast his own.

It is important that the long range shooter becomes as

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Shooting Off a Bipod

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There is a lot of talk on the Internet about proper bipod technique; but, I have never found anything definitive.  Some use a hard hold, while some use free recoil, and others use something in between.  I shoot F/TR class in NRA high-power matches.  In these matches you shoot strings of 15 to 20 rounds at a 1 minute of angle ten ring and a ½ minute of angle X-ring.  I have found it is very hard to be consistent over this many shots.

Proper technique for shooting off a bipod takes a lot of practice and experimenting with what works best for you

Since there has been no definitive article that I have found on proper bipod hold I decided to do my own testing.

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Sinclair F Class Bipod

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Sinclair F Class Bipod

The Sinclair F Class bipod has been around for a couple of years. Last year Sinclair made a few changes and updated a few things on the Bipod. This review will cover the latest model.

The Sinclair F-TR Bipod is made of aluminum. The bipod legs are adjustable independently for height and the bipod has

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M. Werks, LLC F/TR Bipod Review

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The first time I spoke with Jeff at M. Werks, LLC  I called to ask him about his bipod conversion that worked with a Versa Pod mount. He told me that he was no longer producing it. I was disappointed. The options for F/TR style bipods are limited and if you have a budget, even more limited.  We agreed while talking that there was potential demand for a good F/TR style bipod.  A few weeks after our talk Jeff called me and told me he was working on a complete bipod system.  That was the begining of  the M. Werks F/TR Bipod.