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Center of Mass (COM) Holster Review

Category : Cases/Scabbards/Holsters, Competition, Shooting Gear Review

While shooting the MGM Grand Nationals I used a handmade Center of Mass (COM) kydex holster and mag pouches. The model of holster I tried is both dropped and offset for crazy fast draws. Additionally, the holster is cut extremely low in the front to aid in clearing the gun even faster.

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Shoot-Long – Extra Long Rifle Case

Category : Cases/Scabbards/Holsters, Long Range, Tactical

A fellow long-range shooter, hunter, and friend of mine got tired of buying cheap foreign accessories for his long-range equipment. He couldn’t find exactly what he wanted and assumed that there were others also looking for good quality long-range gear. True to the American spirit of ingenuity and entrepreneurship, he decided to have his  ideas manufactured. He designed exactly what he would have liked to have been able to buy.

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Holster 101- Explorations

Category : Cases/Scabbards/Holsters, Handguns, Self Defense

This is a pancake style from Rhome DesBiens. Stitching and finish are flawless.

Over the years I have used, reviewed and tested literally hundreds of holsters. The classic
designs such as the Milt Sparks Summer Special became classics because they work. This is
attributable to superior design and execution. Others are beautifully made of the finest material but
not worth a hoot for actual carry and use. Others are crude to look at but the get the job done. I

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Mini Handgun Safes, Nanovault 300 and 100

Category : Cases/Scabbards/Holsters, Handguns, Shooting Gear Review

Nothing could be worse than having a child have an accident with a gun. As adults and responsible gun owners we have a duty to keep firearms out of the hands of children and teenagers who don’t understand the danger. We also don’t want our firearms in the hands of those that might do us harm with them. Even if our own children understand the dangers and wouldn’t think of touching our firearms without permission/supervision nothing is to say the neighbor kid will show as much restraint. Teaching our children is also important as they will someday be at a friends house and be shown a firearm by a friend. They need to understand the danger.

Nano 100 by GunVault

So how do you have a gun available for self protection in an instant and at the same time keep it away from those who shouldn’t have access? Obviously, a gun safe is an excellent way to keep guns out of the wrong hands. The problem is that it can take some time to get the combination input correctly and get it open. When I’m in a hurry it takes longer. The variety of safes that weigh 300-1000lbs are also hard to take with you on vacation and they’re really hard to fit in the front seat of your car.  They’re not a very good “right now” option.