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Fast Method for Removing Lead in Pistol Barrels

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A Solution of 50% Hydrogen Peroxide and 50% Vinegar can be used to remove lead from barrels very quickly.

If you shoot a lot of pistol ammunition there is a good chance you will shoot cast lead bullets out of your gun at one time or another. Cast bullets can save you a lot of money. Unfortunately, when you use commercially cast bullets they can leave lead in your barrel that is hard to remove. This is a procedure to remove lead out of barrels that works very well.

A solution of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% white vinegar reacts with lead and eats any lead  in your barrel within 2-3 minutes. It is important

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AmeriGlo/Defoor Tactical Glock Sights Review

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I recently installed a set of AmeriGlo/Defoor Tactical sights on my Glock 34 and I believe that they are the best upgrade I’ve made to my gun. I shoot the stock Glock sights fine, I shoot the AmeriGlo sights better.

The improvement comes, for me at least, in that the front sight is narrower and the rear sight is slightly wider. I find

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Jard AR-15 Single Stage Adjustable Trigger Review

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You can have a great rifle and not achieve all the accuracy potential if you have a poor trigger. This couldn’t be truer than in case of the AR-15. Many of the AR-15’s built have potential for being accurate, however, most of them ship with an 8-10 lb mil-spec trigger that is gritty and has a lot of pre-travel. Heavy, gritty, triggers make it difficult for anyone to shoot tight groups.

One of the easiest things you can do to cut group size and aid in overall accuracy is to add a quality aftermarket trigger.

I recently installed a 2 lb Jard Adjustable Single Stage Trigger and am very happy with it. I am getting consistent trigger pulls in the 2.3-2.4lb range which is great. My trigger is crisp, light, and consistent.

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Shot See Transparent Shotgun Tubular Magazine – SHOT Show 2010

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This was one of the most innovative new items we saw at the SHOT show. After you see how cool it is you wonder why no one had thought of it before. The transparent magazine allows you to see how many rounds you have left in the gun. This product has great potential for 3 gun matches, home defense, and law enforcement. The only downside we could see is that it’s currently only available for the Mossberg 590 Shotguns. It comes in 6+1 and 8+1 configurations. Check out their site

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How to Build or Rebarrel a Savage Rifle

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The information contained on this website is based on the experience of the author (s) and is only being provided to show their method used to achieve the desired results.  What you do with this information is your choice and your responsibility.  Persons choosing to use this information do so at their own accord and risk, and thus assume any and all responsibility for any damage, injury or death as a result. It is recommended that you always have a gunsmith check any work you do before firing a rifle you have altered.

How to Build or Rebarrel a Savage Rifle

I recently had the pleasurable experience of building my own custom target/long range rifle.  Perhaps the most impressive part of my rifle is that it cost considerably less to build than buying a new Remington Sendero from Cabelas. Depending on what you want to do with the rifle it might cost a lot less.

Savage Custom model 10 with McGowen Barrel Bell & Carlson Medalist stock

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