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Pro Tip – Matt Burkett – Thumb Safety

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EHP Digital Electronic Ear Plugs EHP-MC1 Review

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The EHP-MC1 is rated at 29 N.R.R which is superior to most large shooting muffs.

EHP hasn’t responded to emails, calls or other efforts to contact them. They seem to have fallen off of the earth. Unless we hear something from them in the near future we’ll be removing this review. 

My thoughts were skeptical when I found that EHP (Electronic Hearing Protection) was making in ear digital electronic shooting plugs (EHP-MC1)  by hand in the USA for a very reasonable price. Putting my skepticism aside I ordered a pair and joined the ranks of those I’ve envied for years.  I have now shot 3 gun, IDPA matches, and a mountain lion (see pics below) using the EHP in-ear-canal digital plugs.

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Pro Tip – Emanual “Manny” Bragg – Speed Reload

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For more information about private instruction from Manny Bragg visit

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Fast Method for Removing Lead in Pistol Barrels

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A Solution of 50% Hydrogen Peroxide and 50% Vinegar can be used to remove lead from barrels very quickly.

If you shoot a lot of pistol ammunition there is a good chance you will shoot cast lead bullets out of your gun at one time or another. Cast bullets can save you a lot of money. Unfortunately, when you use commercially cast bullets they can leave lead in your barrel that is hard to remove. This is a procedure to remove lead out of barrels that works very well.

A solution of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% white vinegar reacts with lead and eats any lead  in your barrel within 2-3 minutes. It is important

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Cameron’s Custom Gun, Model 2011 Limited Review

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Cameron’s Custom Guns is owned by a group of  shooters who have built high-end custom 1911 and 2011 handguns for over 20 years. They have perfected the art of the 2011. Not only are they shooters, they are high level competitors, most of whom have achieved the rank of Master or Grand Master. They know how a gun should be built and how to shoot it. Because Cameron’s Custom Guns was a sponsor for the MGM Targets Grand Nationals, it seemed appropriate to shoot one of their guns in the match. 

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MGM Targets Grand Nationals Man vs. Man

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Jerry Miculek, the 2011 MGM Targets Grand Nationals Champion "dueling" with a competitor.

In not so ancient times gentleman used to settle disputes by dueling. Procedure was to stand back to back with a matched weapon, walk a certain number of paces and on command turn and begin firing. Shooting the MGM Targets Grand Nationals feels somehow similar. You are in a category of shooters that are shooting similar weapons and are of a comparable skill level. On command you both draw and fire at your targets. A cross plate falling crowns the winner without dispute.  Fortunately for everyone shooting the Grand Nationals, “satisfaction” didn’t require “first blood” or “mortal wounding” and we got to shoot a lot more ammo than you would have in a traditional duel. In fact you can have all the excitement and adrenaline rush of a one-on-one duel without any physical harm.