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Bennie Cooley Sniper Assault Mount (BC-SAM) Review

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 I first saw the Bennie Cooley Sniper Assault Mount (BC-SAM) in action when I shot on the same squad as Bennie Cooley at the MGM Ironman. At first glance, the mount looks like many of the other AR style one-piece scope mounts. However, in function, it is unlike anything else available and is probably the most advanced and well-designed AR mount in the world.

Proper Eye Relief

Improvements in optics technology have led to better eye relief in scopes. Greater eye relief means that you have to mount your scope farther away from your face to obtain a proper and ergonomic sight picture.  The BC-SAM

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Weaver Tactical Multi-Slot Bases for Savage Short and Long Action

Category : Scope Rings & Bases, Shooting Gear Review, Tactical

Weaver Multi Slot Tactical Bases mounted on Savage 110 and 10 rifles.

Weaver has added to their line of Tactical Multi-Slot Bases by adding Savage Short and Long Action Bases to the Lineup. This is great news for Savage shooters as the Weaver bases are high quality, lightweight, and extremely affordable. They are also much lower profile than competing base designs and will allow for very low scope mounting options. You

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Weaver 6 Hole Picatinny Tactical Rings

Category : Scope Rings & Bases, Shooting Gear Review, Tactical

Weaver continues to impress me with their scope mounting offerings. Granted, you can spend more elsewhere but you might not get better. For the money they are pretty tough to beat. Take for example Weavers relatively new 6 HoleTactical Picatinny Scope Rings. The rings are available in both 30MM and 1 inch models. They have 6 Torx screws in each ring and are strong.  They feature a crossbolt  that is to Picatinny specs and will fit tightly on the rail of an AR-15. Ironically, they don’t fit Weaver rails so you can’t buy Weaver’s Tactical Scope Bases and use their Tactical Rings together. Not sure what they were thinking, but I’m still a fan of both products. The finish on the rings is professional and on par with rings costing 3x as much $. Weaver says the finish is Type-3 hard coat anodized. The rings are aluminum and very lightweight.

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Weaver Offset Rail Adapter

Category : Scope Rings & Bases, Self Defense, Shooting Gear Review, Tactical

In 2010 Weaver  introduced a new mounting device called the Weaver Offset Rail Adapter. The mount allows the user to mount a backup sight at a 45 degree angle on the gun while still having a primary optic mounted in a traditional upright manner.

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Warne RAMP (Rapid Acquisition Multi-Sight Platform) AR-15 Mount Review

Category : Scope Rings & Bases, Shooting Gear Review, Tactical

Warne RAMP (Rapid Acquisition Multi-Sight Platform) is one of the best AR style scope mounting systems available. Not only does the RAMP provide rings that are the perfect height for mounting a telescopic optic but it provides 45° mounting options for mini red dots or reflex optics on either side.

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Burris Signature Scope Rings

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Burris Signature Zee Rings 30MM

Pictured: Burris Signature Zee Rings, 30 MM, Medium Height.

Burris Signature rings have a hard synthetic insert that fits inside the ring. They won’t mark your scope and they don’t create stress due to the way they are designed. Burris claims that they have more surface area contact than unlapped standard steel rings and so should grip your scope tighter.