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Tactical Solutions .22 Speed Loader

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Tactical Solutions introduced a .22 speed loader at the 2012 SHOT Show for  Ruger Mark (series)  semi-auto pistols, Browning Buckmark semi-autos, and High Standard semi-autos.  This nifty device will make loading magazines much easier as it holds down the spring while you place shells in the magazine. Kids should now have no problem loading their magazines with the assistance of this handy tool. Watch the video below to see how it works.

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JP Enterprises – New AR Innovation – JPSCS

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View the Video of John Paul talking about the new JPSCS below

Just when I’m convinced that innovation in the world of AR’s is cosmetic or limited to new finishes, JP Enterprises invents something revolutionary. I haven’t had a chance to test it yet but JP’s new JPSCS (Silent Captured Action Spring) is on my short list of things from the 2012 SHOT Show to try. John Paul tells me the silent action spring gets rid of all the mechanical feeling of the bolt moving in an AR. He described it as similar to shooting a bolt-action. JP rifles with the Low Mass Bolt and Buffer system are already pretty amazing. In fact, it’s  hard to believe that they could get any better; however, this JPSCS is not only supposed to improve on how  a mil

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Mossberg 930 JM Pro Series Tactical Shotgun

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One of the most exciting things announced at the 2012 SHOT Show was Mossberg’s new 930 Jerry Miculek Pro Series Tactical Shotgun. It comes out of the box ready to shoot competitive 3 gun. To be completely accurate Mossberg announced 3 new 930 models: a 22 inch 8 + 1 JM Pro Series, a 24 inch 9+1 JM Pro Series , and the 26 inch 12+1 Patrick Flanigan Pro Series.

All of the new Pro Series guns have the following features that make them an excellent option for competitive or tactical shooting:

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XRail Shotgun Magazine Extension System – SHOT Show 2010

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Check out our video of the XRail by RCI Shotgun Magazine Extension System we took while at the 2010 SHOT Show. This is a great idea for military, police, home defense, or open class competition shooters.  XRail has a magazine or adapter to make one of their high capacity systems fit just about any popular shotgun. There are options; you can increase your round capacity by just a few, or load more than an entire box of shells with the 30+1 magazine.  The magazines have a unique  auto-indexing feature that automatically rotates the feed tubes while you shoot. To learn more visit