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Lapua Palma .308 Win – Small Primer Pocket

Category : Long Range, Reloading, SHOT Show 2010

While I was at the 2010 SHOT Show, I had the oppurtunity to stop at the Lapua booth. We discussed a few different things but the most interesting was the introduction of a new .308 match case called the Lapua Palma .308 Win.  The new case is identical to Lapua’s .308 match brass except for the primer pocket. The primer pocket in the Lapua .308 Palma will be a small rifle primer pocket. Lapua told me that during testing they were able to get Extreme Spreads (ES) much lower than with cases that had the large rifle primer pocket.

Lapua .308 Palm Brass

LEFT: Lapua .308 Win. Match Case RIGHT: Lapua Palma .308 Win. The flash hole is considerably smaller and will require a smaller decapping pin.

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Glock 22 GEN 4 – SHOT Show 2010

Category : Handguns, Self Defense, SHOT Show 2010, Tactical, Video

We had the opportunity to shoot the new for 2010 Glock GEN 4 at the SHOT Show Media day. The major changes in the Glock GEN 4 are the dual recoil spring and the ability to change the grip shape with plastic backstrap inserts that snap on and off. I was personally impressed by the recoil reduction. Glock isn’t publishing exactly how much recoil is reduced but one of the Glock employees said he had 9000 rounds through the new GEN 4 and he felt like the recoil was reduced at least 15%. I also heard numbers as high as 20% but so far I don’t know of anything official. We hope to do a full review of the Glock GEN 4 so watch our site for that in the future.

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Savage 110 BA .338 Lapua – SHOT Show 2010

Category : Long Range, Rifles, SHOT Show 2010, Tactical, Video

While at the Media Day at the range we got a pretty good look at the new Savage 110 BA in .338 Lapua. The muzzle break was very effective. However, the benches at that part of the range had a steel roof over them and the blast echoing around inside was painful even with ear protection. This rifle gets a cool factor rating of 10! See our videos below of shooting the 110 BA at Media Day and also some video at the SHOT Show.

Savage 110BA 300WM and .338 Lapua

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JP Enterprises CTR-02 AR-15 – SHOT Show 2010

Category : Rifles, SHOT Show 2010, Tactical, Video

Shooting the JP CTR-02 was an eye opener as to just how nice a finely tuned and gas fed AR-15 can shoot. The trigger was amazing. The muzzle break did its job really well as there was virtually no recoil. You could easily keep sight picture and watch the bullet impact. The action working felt unbelievably smooth. This was the nicest shooting AR type rifle I’ve ever shot. The rifle has a Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gun sight with the JP custom reticle mounted on it. While we didn’t get a chance to really put the reticle through it’s paces we liked what we saw while shooting the gun. Check out the JP website.

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Bighorn Armory M89 Lever Action in 500 S&W Magnum – SHOT Show 2010

Category : Hunting, Rifles, SHOT Show 2010, Video

Check out this video of the Bighorn Armory 500 S&W Mag on Media Day. The recoil is surprisingly mild. Bighorn Armory website.

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Magpul MBUS backup folding sights and AFG-1 Angled Fore Grip – SHOT Show 2010

Category : Rifles, Self Defense, SHOT Show 2010, Tactical, Video

Although the Magpul backup folding sights weren’t new for the 2010 SHOT Show they are still a fairly new product and if you haven’t seen them they are worth looking at. We were impressed. The best part about them is the price point. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other brands. The AFG-1 Angled Fore Grip is new and we liked it. It was completely designed with shooter ergonomics in mind.