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Christensen Arms Ridgeline 28 Nosler – Review

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Last year I decided I wanted to hunt with a lighter long-range rifle. My first thought was to build one because I’ve had success doing it in the past.  I soon realized I was going to spend over $3500 in order to build a rifle that weighed in around 6.5 lbs. and that was still capable of consistently making a 1000 yard shot on game.  

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MGSS PRS QD Sling Adapter Review

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My favorite AR-15  3 gun stock is the Magpul PRS because it’s adjustable. I can have it fit me close to perfectly. The downsides are that it is heavy and I don’t like the sling attachment setup the way it comes from Magpul. Every once in a while during a 3 gun match its necessary to use a sling. I like QD (Quick Detach) sling mounts because they are fast, reliable, and are flush fitting. There is now a product that will allow conversion of the Magpul PRS sling system to QD. 

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JP Enterprise Advanced Modular Chassis System AMCS (Video)

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While at the SHOT Show we saw JP Enterprise’s new Stock Chassis system for Savage’s and Remington’s. We could only look at it but liked what we saw. The stock folded, a great feature that allows a long-barreled bolt gun to fit in tighter spaces. The stock also locked up very tight and solid. The chassis system allows you to

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Bell & Carlson Tactical Medalist Rifle Stock Review

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Bell and Carlson Tactical Medalist Stock on Savage Rifle with Sinclair Bipod

Savage rifle wearing a green Bell & Carlson Tactical Medalist Stock. Also Shown: Sinclair Bipod and Nightforce 5.5-22x56 NXS scope

Bell & Carlson has been a respected rifle stock builder for many years. When they introduced their line of Varmint/Tactical Medalist stocks I was excited not only because the stock appeared to have excellent ergonomics but also because the price point was so reasonable. Since its introduction, I’ve had the opportunity to test the Varmint/Tactical Medalist on multiple rifles and actions.

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Hogue OverMolded Rifle Stock Review

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I bought my first Ruger M77 Mark II when I was 14 years old and have some very fond memories shooting it. I am still very fond of the Ruger M77 rifles. They are a serious hunting rifle. Nowdays, you have to spend a lot of money to find the features offered in an off the shelf M77. I am a big fan of Ruger’s controlled round feed and I think they have one of if not the best factory extractor in the industry. My only complaint with Ruger M77’s is that it’s sometimes hard to find good quality aftermarket accessories like rifle stocks. My original Ruger M77 came with that ugly, hard kicking, skeleton stock with the tire tread recoil pad that left marks on your shoulder from just throwing the gun up. For years I have looked at synthetic stocks for Rugers, up to this point, I had not found a stock that I was pleased with even though I have tried several.