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Ruger LC9 9mm – SHOT Show Media Day

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The Ruger LC9 is a great addition to Ruger’s handgun lineup. I own a .380 sub-compact but would rather run than shoot someone with it. I don’t buy into the story that a .380 is enough gun but think it might be better than nothing. The LC9 solves both the sub-compact easy to carry problem and the power issue, so I think it’s a great product. I thought that the recoil was quite manageable and not too uncomfortable. However, after watching the guy next to me shoot in the

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Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle – SHOT Show Media Day

Category : Rifles, SHOT Show 2011, Tactical, Video

We had the opportunity to shoot the new Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle in .308 at the 2011 SHOT Show Media Day. The rifle comes with all the features you’d expect on a Ruger like controlled-round-feed and claw extractor and then adds a few

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CAA Tactical RONI G1 SHOT Show Media Day 2011

Category : Self Defense, SHOT Show 2011, Tactical, Video

The RONI-G1 by CAA Tactical allows the user to very quickly turn his Glock handgun into a carbine.  No tools are required for the conversion and it makes a handgun shoot like a carbine. I was impressed with how fast it pointed and how easy it was to handle. If you aren’t law enforcement or military its my understanding that you will need to register

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Sightron SI 3-9×40 with HHR Review

Category : Optics, Shooting Gear Review, Video

After acquiring a Sightron SI 3-9×40 I’m convinced that if  your budget for optics ends at around $140 that you need to spend it on a Sightron. Unlike almost all other optics in this price range the Sightron SI is made in Japan and NOT in China.

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Glock G22 Gen 4 Cold Weather Test (-5°F)

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Many people are still questioning whether the Glock Gen 4 is as reliable as the Gen 3. I’m still putting rounds through the Glock Gen 4 G22 we reviewed and have yet to have any kind of reliability problem. I haven’t been using expensive ammunition either. Most of what has gone through the gun has been handloads or the cheapest stuff you can buy at Wal-Mart. The gun has not ever been cleaned, oiled, or greased.

For Thanksgiving we traveled to Eastern Idaho to celebrate the Holiday. Eastern Idaho had experienced some cold weather and so I thought it would be a good opportunity to see if cold weather could cause a malfunction in the Gen 4.

The gun was placed in the snow for 12 hours. The gun was intentionally loaded with a round in the chamber so the slide wouldn't need to be racked to shoot the gun.

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Sinclair F Class Bipod

Category : Bipods, Long Range, Shooting Gear Review, Video

Sinclair F Class Bipod

The Sinclair F Class bipod has been around for a couple of years. Last year Sinclair made a few changes and updated a few things on the Bipod. This review will cover the latest model.

The Sinclair F-TR Bipod is made of aluminum. The bipod legs are adjustable independently for height and the bipod has