Shooter – Ballistics Calculator for Android Review

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Shooter, the ballistic calculator designed for Android phones has changed the way I shoot as well as use a ballistic calculator. While the calculations it does are not new or revolutionary, the fact that it is on my phone is. In the past I had to tape drop charts to my stock. If I was changing elevation, changing bullets or loads,  or experiencing large temperature fluctuations, the drop chart changes and isn’t as accurate. Because I am constantly playing with different bullets and loads things change frequently. It would take dozens of pages of printed dropcharts to come close to the amount of information that Shooter can calculate in seconds.

If you don’t read through any of the rest of this review know two things: 1) the ballistic calculations work and are

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3 Gun Outlaw by Noveske Shooting Team DVD Review

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3 Gun Outlaw was recently released (Jan 2011)  by the Noveske Shooting team. It is instructional video that covers concepts in 3 gun that might be overlooked even by experienced shooters. I thought it was an excellent video that covered many aspects of 3 gun shooting. Don’t mistake it for a video that teaches you how to shoot your gun. As a beginner you could learn valuable information but the video is targeted to someone who is already a fairly competent shooter.

I wish this video had been available before I shot all the 3 gun matches I’ve shot. Excellent information that goes

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Bear Hunt with a Glock 20 (10MM)

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I had chased bears all over the mountains off and on for several weeks with my good friend Don, who’s a very experienced bear chaser. I’d had opportunities to shoot many bears but none got me excited enough to start shooting. I’d had a chance, for about 1.5 seconds, to shoot a running bear with a rifle at about 150 yards  and passed it up because I wasn’t confidant in its size. Afterwards, I regretted not taking the shot. I resolved not to make the same mistake again.

The day started at 3:30 AM. Ben, one of Don’s friends, had joined us and by 10 or 11 AM we’d seen a couple of bears but

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Sightron SI 3-9×40 with HHR Review

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After acquiring a Sightron SI 3-9×40 I’m convinced that if  your budget for optics ends at around $140 that you need to spend it on a Sightron. Unlike almost all other optics in this price range the Sightron SI is made in Japan and NOT in China.

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Lyman 1200 DPS3 Automatic Powder Dispenser – Review

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Lyman 1200 DPS3 Automatic Powder Dispenser

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the average life expectancy of a human being is 78.3 years. I am nearly half way there.  I was introduced to the joys of firearms when I was a young lad, by a neighbor who spent some time on the Air Force pistol team.  I was introduced to two truths, one obvious, and one that was somewhat of a limit to my fun.

The obvious truth was that pulling the trigger and making noise was a lot of fun. I spent a good deal of time behind his old S&W .38 special, and when I switched to the 10/22, I earned the comment “think your Rambo don’t ya?” Soon enough, I was learning the proper way to fire a 1911.

The second truth was that the ammunition must be purchased, or handmade.  I knew that ammunition for the .22 was cheap, as I had free reign to reload that 10 round cylindrical magazine and blast away with little regard to pinpoint accuracy.  When I shot the pistols, the whole dynamic changed.  When I was about 11 years old I was asked to help with the reloading process.  I can say that I remember the process to be excruciatingly boring.  How could it possibly take

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Dynamic Research Predator 176 Grain Projectile

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The Predator Projectile from Dynamic Research is designed to take the 308 Winchester to the next level.

While I was at an NRA Regional Long Range F-Class match in Missoula, MT I met a man named Stephen Damron with Dynamic Research LLC. He was shooting a 308 Winchester with an unusual bullet. I asked him more about it and found  that he was shooting a monolithic lathe turned projectile that he is producing from a proprietary copper alloy. It was designed by a man in Australia named Bruce Wellington. Dynamic Research has bought the rights to produce and manufacture his design in the US. It weighs 176 grains and has an advertised BC of .590.

A major feature of these bullets is an 

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