ACD (Anti-Cant Device) Review

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ACD, or Anti-Cant Device, is manufactured and marketed by Mounting Solutions Plus. Mounting Solutions Plus defines “cant” in terms of shooting as,”the result of a rifle being held off the perfect vertical plane in which it was zeroed. Cant results in rotation of the sights off the true vertical plane.” The device, in a nutshell, is a visual indicator of level which is mounted on a riflescope. Physically it is nothing more than a spirit level mounted into a low profile scope ring.

Ballistic Calculators

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In speaking with both experienced and inexperienced shooters I have come to the conclusion that the majority of shooters have no idea what their bullet does after it leaves their gun. It is essential in good shooting and sportsmanlike hunting to understand your bullets trajectory. To really get first-rate information it’s important to use an accurate ballistics calculator. There is no good excuse for not knowing what your bullet does as there are many free exterior ballistic calculators and websites available that can give you very accurate information. If you are going to shoot at game it is also important to verify the information out to at least the range you would shoot at game. By verify I mean take your gun and the loads you will be hunting with and shoot them at the ranges you will be hunting at to make sure the ballistic calculator matches what your bullet does in the real world.

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T-Nuts.Com Bipod Lock

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Most users of Harris style bipods that swivel have wished at some time that there was an easier way of locking the bipod than the provided method. The Harris S style bipods all come with a thumbnut for locking the bipod, however, it takes Herculean type strength or pliers to get it tight enough to prevent the bipod from canting.

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Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14×40 SF – Scope Review

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The Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14 side focus scope was introduced in 2005 along with a totally new line of Buckmaster series scopes. Since their introduction the Nikon Buckmaster has become known as one of the best values in middle priced rifle scopes. I bought one last year that has a BDC reticule, which has holding points built into the reticule to allow for holdover out to 500 yards on a standard caliber and 600 yards on a magnum caliber. I have been impressed with the scope since the day I received it.

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Howard Leight Impact Sport, Electronic Earmuff Review

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When I bought my first pair of Howard Leight Impact Sport shooting earmuffs I was pleasantly surprised and felt that I had gotten a better product than I paid for; that doesn’t happen very often. After having used them for more than 6 months I am still a big fan. I believe that they are one of the best earmuffs you can own without spending at least $150 and I know from experience that there are $200 electronic earmuffs that do not perform as well.

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Reloading For Semi-Automatic Rifles

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About two years a go I decided to get my first semi-automatic rifle; an M1 Garand from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). While I was waiting for my rifle, I began researching what I was going to feed it. I had ordered some M2 ball from the CMP but I wanted to use the rifle to begin shooting NRA High-power Matches and needed better accuracy over what I could expect from surplus ammo. I wanted to hand load my own ammunition to gain an edge without paying for match grade factory ammo.

As I started my research I found a lot of, for lack of a better word, “wives tales” about reloading for an M1 or any automatic rifle for that matter. I began to think there was some kind of black magic involved in reloading for a Garand and was wondering if I could ever hand load for it without blowing myself up with a slam-fire or ruining the operating rod from using the wrong powder. I heard things such as not to use your brass more than three times, don’t use slow burning powder, and not to use bullets weighing more than 165 grains. There was some truth to these things; but, not enough to merit the paranoia I found people had about reloading for a Garand.

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