My 2011 F-Class Long Range Season Update

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It has been a very busy summer for me shooting long-range F-Class. I shoot F-TR (1000 yards with a bipod) with a Savage F-TR rifle in 308 Winchester. My big wins were the Idaho State Match and the NRA Northwest Regional Match in Missoula, MT. Below are a few thoughts regarding lessons learned during this season of shooting.

Bipod Thoughts

The season started out pretty rough. The first match I forgot my good bipod and had to use a Harris 9-13 inch non swivel bipod. My wife brought my MC Werks bipod after I had shot the first relay. This experience

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Cameron’s Custom Gun, Model 2011 Limited Review

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Cameron’s Custom Guns is owned by a group of  shooters who have built high-end custom 1911 and 2011 handguns for over 20 years. They have perfected the art of the 2011. Not only are they shooters, they are high level competitors, most of whom have achieved the rank of Master or Grand Master. They know how a gun should be built and how to shoot it. Because Cameron’s Custom Guns was a sponsor for the MGM Targets Grand Nationals, it seemed appropriate to shoot one of their guns in the match. 

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MGM Targets Grand Nationals Man vs. Man

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Jerry Miculek, the 2011 MGM Targets Grand Nationals Champion "dueling" with a competitor.

In not so ancient times gentleman used to settle disputes by dueling. Procedure was to stand back to back with a matched weapon, walk a certain number of paces and on command turn and begin firing. Shooting the MGM Targets Grand Nationals feels somehow similar. You are in a category of shooters that are shooting similar weapons and are of a comparable skill level. On command you both draw and fire at your targets. A cross plate falling crowns the winner without dispute.  Fortunately for everyone shooting the Grand Nationals, “satisfaction” didn’t require “first blood” or “mortal wounding” and we got to shoot a lot more ammo than you would have in a traditional duel. In fact you can have all the excitement and adrenaline rush of a one-on-one duel without any physical harm.

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Pro Tip – Dave Sevigny – Grip & Stance Technique

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A Pair of Deuces – Kimber Conversion kit vs. GSG1911-22

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At the shot show this winter I was able to spend some time with German Sport Guns (GSG) new 1911-22. ATI has been importing these and other GSG offerings over the past few years.  My last experience with GSG was with their GSG-5, which is a highly reliable and accurate rendering of the famous HK MP5 series of weapons.  Since the GSG-5 was introduced, they have followed with an AK-47 variant in .22 long rifle, and now a 1911 chambered in .22 long rifle.

Over the past 15 years I have had some  experience with 1911’s and .22 conversion kits, and my impressions were not favorable. The few times I was able to test the conversion kits were nothing short of disappointment.  They were picky about ammunition choices.  Bulk ammo rarely cycled properly.  CCI mini mag’s worked better, but the high cost of this ammo was enough to keep me from buying a conversion kit.

As fate would have it, ATI sent me a GSG-1911-22 this summer for evaluation.  Fate also decided that if one is good, two is better.  A very short time after the GSG 1911 arrived,  I wound up trading for a Kimber Custom .45 1911 with a Kimber .22 conversion kit included.  I soon realized the opportunity to test the guns against each other.

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Swarovski 1-6×24 Z6i BRT Review

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UPDATE – July 2012 – I used the Swaro 1-6×24 Z6i BRT in the 2012 MGM Ironman Multi Gun and placed 14th out of  150 competitors in the tac optics division.

Swarovski has also updated this scope and now calls the current version the “Second Generation.”  The changes in the 2nd gen include a slightly streamlined look to the electronics and a new feature that automatically turns the optic off if it’s not in the upright position to save battery (this feature can be turned off). Everything else on the optic remains essentially the same.

Swarovski 1-6×24 Z6i BRT, King of the Multi-Gun Optic Mountain

Since Swarovski introduced the 1-6×24 Z6i every other optics manufacture in the world has been playing catch-up. The Swarovski z6i with BRT reticle is (at the time of this writing) the best 3 gun scope in the world that can be bought for any price.  It is also an excellent option for those that hunt dangerous game and need a fast low power variable scope with good eye relief.

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